Express delivery
  • Express delivery of documents and cargos anywhere over the world
  • Delivery of cargos to Tver from cities over Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan
  • Correspondence delivery over Tver in 3-5 hours
  • Delivery of flowers and gifts to your partners in the indicated city in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan

In addition we are pleased to introduce you our special offer - 
Delivery of shipments from Tver to Moscow till 12 the next working day!

Delivery of shipments from Tver to other cities over Russia till 18 the next working day!

Additional services
  • Delivery by hand
  • Priority delivery
  • Delivery in non-working hours
  • Saturday delivery
  • Repeated express delivery
  • Forwarding
  • Delivery of flowers and gifts
  • Notification confirmation delivery
  • Dispatches with declared value
Economic delivery
  • Delivery of cargos in Russia from 1 kg.
  • delivery of goods from Russian cities to Tver
Offered services’ formats
  • Door-to-Door
  • Door -to Warehouse ("DIMEX"), Warehouse("DIMEX") -to-Door
  • Warehouse ("DIMEX") -to- Warehouse ("DIMEX")
City delivery (direct mail)
  • City address mailing
  • Addressless city delivery (to the mailboxes in the city)