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REQUIREMENTS FOR invoice execution

  1. Before filling in the invoice you should familiarize yourself with the list of items prohibited for carriage and the list of dangerous goods requiring special conditions of transportation.
  2. Data about the sender and recipient in the DIMEX consignment note and the invoice must match.
  3. Invoice is provided for all shipments, which are not documents (including books, booklets, brochures, photographs, identity cards, diplomas, certificates, sheets not sewed in, etc.) and documents weighing more than 5 kg.
  4. The invoice must be fully filled out in English and Russian.
  5. If the sender is a legal entity, make sure that you have the seal and signature of the CEO/ authorized person.
  6. If the sender is an individual, the signature of the sender on the document is enough.
  7. If one sheet of the invoice is not enough to enter all the information about the contents of the cargo, the table is increased and the data is transferred to the next sheet (the signature and seal to be put on each page)
  8. When sending a CD/DVD, USB flash drive and other storage media, you must have Statement of Guarantee (Annex No.1).
  9. In the invoice you must indicate the most complete information about the recipient, about the contents of the cargo.
  10. It is prohibited to indicate: Spare Parts, (Marketing Materials), Samples, etc.
  11. In the proforma-invoice it is necessary to give the most detailed description of the contents of the shipment without short forms (abbreviations) (namely, the name of the product, its labelling, material, colour, packaging type). For example, if this is a Journal/Magazine - its name, number, and publication date, quantity, cost, if it is a Disc – a kind of media (CD, DVD, CD-R, DVD-R), the contents on the media, the cost of packaging.

An example of the contents description




Music compact disc with the recording of works of group Mashina vremeni, made in the Ural electronic plant, Russia (factory-recorded media), packed in a box

Compact disc

compact disc with the recording of personal photos in a quantity of 150 PCs. (individually recorded media), packed in a box


Potato chips MAY, production of SHK, Russia - 10 PCs 250 g each


Gas-analyser Gnom of the continuous determination of methane in the atmosphere, black, TU 123, made by NTC Oldam LLC, Russia, packed in a box


Optoelectronic detector of fire smoke, type FD 212, made by Instrumental plant Signal JSC, Russia, packed in a box

Spare parts

Sensor of the diagnostic computerized radiometer of internal temperature of soft and bone tissues RT1, TU 123, made by RES, Russia, packed in a box


Promotional video of the washing powder Tide on cassette Betacam. Recording time of 3.5 min., production of Media Trader, Russia, packed in the package

Board (electronic module)

Electronic board to the multiplexer of Alcatel wire connection, a part to complete telephone and communications equipment No.123 of the product 567849, made by Alcatel, Canada, packed in a box


The o-rings of vulcanized rubber, make SB25 for hydraulic and pneumatic devices GOST 123, made by REZ Service, Russia, packed in the package


Unmarked silicon bipolar transistors, case CT 17, the frequency of 175 MHZ power output 2 W, made by Sborka LLC, Russia, packed in a box


“Hero of another time” Brusnikin A., publication date 2010, p. 867, 785 copies, packed in a package


Women's dress, 94% viscose,6% elastane, size 44, blue color, brand Zara, packed in a package