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Crating is cargo strengthening with the construction of building timber and planks, which provides rigidity and protects the load from damage, pressure from above and from the side of other cargos, from the scuffs on external objects. Compound (assembly) of frame members is made using nails or screws.

Crating is tied to the pallet in most cases. Crating can be made with another packing materials, which provide additional safety in process of cargo transportation (stretch wrap, bubble wrap, etc.).

Crating is used for packaging of fragile and outsize cargos. Crating allows to pack complex size cargos and tie separate cargo parts, provides rigidity of the load.

Due to the hard frame, crating preserves fragile cargos from mechanical damages.

*The cost of the crate is 630 rubles/1 m3.

The minimum fare is 630 rubles.

The takif is specified without VAT

* Contact your nearest DIMEX office for more information.