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Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is a transparent stretching packing material, made of high-pressure polyethylene.

Stretch wrap is used for cargo packaging and transportation for:

  • Cargo palletizing: dunnaging on the pallets (shipping skids);
  • Cargo packaging: mixed packaging of different size cargos;
  • Individual package (including complex shape cargo).
  • High resistance of stretch wrap to puncturing and tearing prevents damaging, chipping and scratching of the surface of products, protects from dust and moisture, and stores them marketable;
  • Stretch wrap is straining in process of cargo wrapping, and then, due to tendency of returning to its original length, the confining force appears. It is so big, that provides hard fixation on the pallets of even very heavy cargos in handling operations and in process of transportation;
  • It is resistant to low temperatures (withstands temperature up to -40ºС);
  • On the contrary to packing tape, it don’t stick to products and don’t spoil its look.