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Express delivery within the city

This is a delivery of correspondence and goods of Customers within the city, according to the principle “from hand to hand”, in the shortest possible time. The Customer can be both a legal entity and an individual.

DIMEX provides two types of services “Express delivery within the city”:

  • Delivery within the city of the Customer;
  • Urban delivery in another city.

There are several conditions of delivery within the city:

  • Within 3-5 hours;
  • Within 24 hours.

Mandatory requirements for delivery:

Contents of the package

not prohibited for shipment by the legislation of the country

Weight of the package

weight of one piece shall not exceed 31.5 kg.*

Dimensions of the package

dimensions of 1 piece shall not exceed 750*550*500 mm.**

* If the weight of 1 piece exceeds 31.5 kg, conditions of the service (price, terms) are considered individually.

** If dimensions exceed 1 piece exceed 750*550*500 mm., conditions (price, terms) of this service are considered individually.